James Buller portrait photograph
  • Accessibility/UX Consultant by experience
  • Communicator by background
  • Developer by education


My skills

Sheets of sticers with accessibility slogans


It's great working with someone so well-informed and passionate about what they do. Your enthusiasm and good-natured approach makes you a great colleague and role model. I also appreciate how you stand up for something when it's important.

You’re really good at seeing the bigger picture, focusing on the outcome, reminding teams that it’s not just about the technology. Your work is honestly the first thing I think of when asked what I’m most proud of about Home Office.

My portfolio

James presenting on stage with screen showing captions and another showing accessibility Do/Don't posters


Ethical and dedicated with interests of others firmly at heart. James's input will always be supported by careful thought and well researched data.


Seeking a senior digital leadership role focused on achieving user and organisation goals through driving cultural change, building capabilities, applying governance and assurance controls.

Outside work

  • Dedicated charity trustee
  • Reliable IT, events and local activites volunteer
  • 25 time blood donor
  • Enjoy science, comedy, Lego and modern military history
  • Always looking to make the world a better place