I am adept at:

  • manual audits against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • automated testing
  • assistive technology usability checks and demonstration
  • quality assurance of test reports
  • consultancy to delivery teams
  • advising on novel and complex challenges
  • liaison with enterprise suppliers
  • engagement with disabled people and advocacy groups
  • educating about awareness of and meeting access needs
  • Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations (PSBAR) statements
  • Upholding the Equality Act 2010
  • standards definition
  • guidance creation
  • strategy development

User experience

I have experience of:

  • user research interviews
  • usability testing
  • wireframing
  • prototyping
  • information architecture
  • interaction and user interface design
  • content strategy
  • facilitation
  • presenting
  • analytics
  • stakeholder engagement
  • journey mapping
  • card sorting
  • affinity mapping
  • competitor analysis
  • specification writing
  • patterns and components in design systems


My expertise includes:

  • accessibility testing
  • usability heuristics
  • drawing up functional and technical specifications
  • responsive design, branding and graphics
  • search engine optimisation
  • editorial workflow and multimedia production
  • testing and change control
  • project and supplier management
  • social media and community management
  • audio and video production
  • enterprise, SaaS and open source content management systems
  • front and backing end programming
  • email broadcasting
  • coordinated cross channel campaigns
  • analytics and performance monitoring.


I have lots of practice of:

  • delivering training and writing instructions
  • team leadership and management
  • internal and external communications
  • plan English, tone of voice and proof reading
  • public speaking
  • customer service and user support
  • liaison with senior management and staff
  • contact relationship management and segmentation
  • chairing meetings and writing mintues
  • workshop facilitation
  • and giving presentations
  • online and offline fundraising
  • GDPR and Freedom of Information Act
  • development of values, beliefs, vision and mission
  • stakeholder consultation and management
  • event management
  • writing and lay up for print media
  • logo development and trademarking.