My Myers-Briggs profile is ESTJ, known as Supervisor or Executive.

The text below is taken from the results of my Facet 5 assessment. It determined my profile to be that of: ‘Coach’.

James is ethical and dedicated and has the interests of others firmly at heart. James’s input will always be supported by careful thought and well researched data.

My natural Belbin team roles are: implementor, completer-finisher, specialist and shaper.

The sections below describe the kind of behaviours you can expect from me.


  • Works with people to agree fair realistic goals.
  • Advises on performance and helps people through problems.
  • Selflessly defends colleagues and promotes their interests.
  • Monitors work carefully and thoroughly.
  • Commits to corporate policy.


  • Responsive to appeals for help.
  • A good listener and supportive team member.
  • Committed to others well being.
  • Positive and confident style.
  • Balanced attitude even under pressure.

Analysis and decision making

  • Researches and thinks things through.
  • Ideas are well considered and practical.
  • Takes time to understand before commenting.
  • Reduces and manages risk carefully Initiative and effort.

Team working

  • Dedicated to the group’s purpose.
  • Remains focused on key tasks.
  • Helps out others without seeking reward.
  • Presents a team view with conviction.

Initiative and effort

  • Works efficiently on assigned tasks.
  • Can work independently.
  • Always follows through to the finish.
  • Persists in the face of difficulty.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and moral commitment.
  • Works to a high standard.

Planning and organising

  • Thinks ahead and anticipates problems.
  • Tries to establish a plan which is workable.
  • Evaluates and utilises resources well.
  • Careful, methodical and measured.
  • Balances organisational and people needs.